Steve Breese

A Chicago-based Full-stack JavaScript Developer

technical skills... A thru Z

I first began developing websites on GeoCities over AOL dialup.  I first got paid to build a web application in 2000.  It was a survey to gauge resident's preferences on various urban planning techniques. The results of each survey were automatically emailed to the project owner. In 2003, I developed a database driven website that cataloged every mile of bicycle trails in the Chicago area.  The site was an early adopter of AJAX which had recently been popularized by Google Maps.  Anytime I ran into a barrier of what could be done, I eagerly learned the basics of a new programming language and devised new solutions for my applications. I then studied up on the more advanced topics of the language and made a goal to get certified in it.  I have kept this pattern of professional development to this day.

Certifications are a way to set apart the people who really want to show that they believe in continuing education. Let's face it... being a really good developer is really all about learning!

Category Technology/Skill Certificate
Frontend Angular Angular 1 Completion Badge
Frontend Bootstrap Certified Bootstrap Developer
Frontend CSS2 Certified CSS Developer
Frontend CSS3 SoloLearn CSS3 Certificate
Backend Drupal Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8
Programming language ECMAScript 3 Certified JavaScript Developer
Programming language ECMAScript 5 Gymnasium JavaScript Foundations Certificate
Programming language ECMAScript 6 SoloLearn JavaScript Certificate
Frontend Front End Front End Development Certificate
Workflow Git & GitHub Completion Certificate for Git & GitHub
Search advertising Google AdWords Google AdWords Search Certification
Web analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics Certification
Frontend HTML4 Certified HTML Developer
Frontend HTML5 Certified HTML5 Developer
Frontend HTML 5.2 SoloLearn HTML5 Certificate
Frontend jQuery 1,2,3 Certified jQuery Developer,
jQuery Survival Guide Certificate,
jQuery Building Blocks Certificate,
SoloLearn jQuery Certificate
Backend MEAN Stack Certificate of Acheivement — MEAN Stack
Database MongoDB Completion Certificate for M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers
Database MySQL Certified MySQL 5.0 Developer
Backend Node.js Complete Node.js Developer Course (ES6)
Introducing Node.js Certificate (ES5)
Programming language PHP Zend Certified PHP Engineer
Programming language Python 2 Python Coursera Verified Certificate
Programming language Python 3 SoloLearn Python 3 Certificate
Frontend Responsive web design (RWD) Responsive Web Design Certificate
Database SQL SQL Completion Badge
Programming language Swift 4 SoloLearn Swift 4 Certificate
Frontend User experience design (UXD) UX Fundamentals Certificate
Frontend Web Design Coding for Designers Certificate
Backend XML, XML DOM, & XSLT Certified XML Developer

BOLD text indicates professional certification exam administered by a certified proctor

Currently Studying

Category Technology/Skill Source Material Progress
Cloud Computing AWS Technical Professional APN Partners's Training and Certification course

AWS Technical Professional


Spanish Language Certifications

Certificate Name Issuing Authority
Spanish as a Second Language Certificate Harper College, Palatine Illinois
Certificate in Basic Spanish Universidad Politecnica de Valencia through edX
Duolingo Spanish Fluency: Advanced (Estimated) Duolingo, Inc.