Steve Breese

A Chicago-based Full-stack JavaScript Developer

My Portfolio

Web applications and web sites I have developed

Full-Stack JavaScript App with a React F.E.

Full Stack JavaScript App with a React frontend

Blazing Fast eCommerce App built with Node.js & MongoDB

Full Stack JavaScript App with a React frontend

City Planning: Greenway Development

Palatine Greenway Development

Custom algorithms & automation


M.E.A.N. Full Stack Development

M.E.A.N. Full Stack Development

City Planning: Greenway Planning

Greenway Planning Database

Automatic Image Processing

Automatic Image Processing

HTML5 Canvas & SVG Apps

HTML5 Canvas development

Single Page Applications

Web Applications

Step-by-Step JavaScript Tutorials

A few tutorials I wrote to aid in your full-stack JavaScript application.

Node.js Tutorial: Creating A Promise Helper Function for your Node.js/Mongoose app.

Promise Helper Function for Mongoose App

Node.js Tutorial: Promisify your Node.js Callback Functions

Node.js Promise Tutorial

MongoDB Tutorial: Using Regex for Pattern Matching

MongoDB Regex Tutorial

JavaScript: How to Solve Common Coding Interview Problems

How to Solve Common Coding Interview Problems

React Tutorial: Breakout Div into its own Component

React Component Tutorial

Google Cloud Tutorial: Machine Learning in Action

Node.js Tutorial: Machine Learning in Action

Interactive Websites: Image Zooming

Interactive Websites: Image Zooming

Full-Stack Code Samples

A few guides & code examples I developed to aid in your fullstack Node.js project.

App: Dynamic Website Content with MongoDB

Node.js Topics

App: Node.js Uploader with Progress Bar

Node.js Uploader

App: Node.js Web Scraper with Backend Save

Node.js Web Scraper

Frontend JavaScript Apps

A few JavaScript apps I developed to solve specific problems or to pass time while a build is running.

App: Minesweeper

Spell Checker App

App: Spell Checker

Spell Checker App

App: Check Writer & Money Visualizer

Check Writer app

App: Coordinate Geometry Calculator

App: Relative Path Calculator

App: JavaScript Drum Pad


My language & skill set


  • Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • MongoDB
  • jQuery/jQuery UI
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle
  • Python

Development Platforms

  • Vue.js/Vuex
  • React/Redux
  • Svelte
  • Node.js ecosystem
  • CMS
    • Drupal 7/8
    • Wordpress 4/5
  • LAMP

Data Exchange Formats

  • JSON
  • CSV
  • YAML


  • Responsive CSS Frameworks
    • Foundation
    • Bootstrap
  • User Experience Design
  • REST API Development
  • MVC JS frameworks